Crosstimbers Academy

Welcome to Crosstimbers Academy

We are a public charter school serving 9th-12th grade students that provides an alternative to traditional public school districts.

Student Application

Join our pack and enjoy the exciting world that is Crosstimbers Academy. On this page you will find, a checklist and student application to join our school.

School Calendar

Looking for that major exam or EOC? Crosstimbers Academy's school calendar will provide all major dates and important milestones for the year.

Student Handbook

This book is a MUST READ. Besides getting to know what is expected of a pack member; you will discover many important details that make CTA great!

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We have been leading the pack since 2006 and will make your education exciting.

Mission Statement

The Crosstimbers Academy Board of Directors, Faculty, and Staff will insure an environment of safety, respect, and accountability while students prepare to improve quality of life. The school provides an equitable opportunity for students to acquire a sound academic and career-focused education. Students receive a strong foundation in humanities, science, mathematics, and career technology. Interdisciplinary curriculum is presented in a way relevant to each student’s world. Specialized support is provided for students preparing for careers that require post-secondary training. Graduates shall enter the global labor force with marketable skills, embracing a positive work ethic. Crosstimbers Academy Board of Directors Jason Cross, President Amy Olivarez, Secretary Chris Dorrell, Treasurer